Name: Patrick Luong

Pledge Class: Alpha Eta (Fall 2012)

Year of Graduation: Spring 2016. Maybe Fall 2016

Major: Computer Engineering


What do you hope to do when you graduate from Cal Poly?
After I graduate, I want to work full time in the field of software development as a front end developer. I really enjoy coding when it comes to creating anything the consumers will be seeing, like webpages, games, and animations.  After a few years I plan to go back to college to get a double major or minor in entrepreneurship, and if I haven't already create my own start up revolving around game development- whether its a software or a embedded system.  As long as its something consumers enjoy playing then I'm happy. 

What did you end up doing last summer?
Last summer I got my first job ever as a waiter.  I really learned how to casually talk to customers as well as how to act around them.  I also worked on the computing clubs I'm a part of: the Computer Engineering Society (CPES) and Association for Machinery (ACM) by planning events for the year like several information sessions, a Hack-a-thon, and finding club sponsors.

What is a long term goal that you hope to eventually accomplish one day?
One of my long term goals since I was young was to reunite my family and make it easier for them in life. My family isn't exactly a well off family to begin with and goes through struggles on a daily. Everyone being separated from the rest doesn't exactly help either. My dad is off on his own. My mom is with three of my siblings. My two older sibling is on their own also. My twin and I are with are grandparents. And even though we are all separated, my mom has to support 6 people with her own income of just under $10,000. With that, I really want to get through college and find a stable job so that I can financially support my entire family on my own and take off some of the burden they are dealing with. I really hope that someday, we can get the entire family together again.


How has AKPsi shaped your career?
The Fraternity helped shaped my career by teaching me all the skills needed to rock that interview. Even though it doesn't seem like it but it's all the little things that most people forget that changes the outcome of an interview. Resume, public speaking, approach to answering interview questions, asking questions at the end, and sending a follow up thank you letter after an interview all makes a difference at landing the job offer or not. Not only that but the Fraternity also offers a wide network which offers plenty of opportunity like job opportunities, workshops, and more. Lastly, what really shaped my career where all the brothers I gained in the Fraternity. I am always learning something new that will help me through the long run from my brothers. Especially from my pledge brothers since they have been there with me since the beginning and encouraged me a lot about my passion and support me in what I'm doing. Without them standing behind me, I probably wouldn't have placed myself out there and probably wouldn't have left my comfort spot. With that, I thank the Fraternity with all my heart.


What's your favorite memory of being in the fraternity?
My favorite memory of AKPsi is from when I was pledging. At that time, I was still getting to know the members of the Fraternity as well as what the fraternity was all about. I remember at our pledge brotherhood event, we held an olympic competition, consisting of various event for the actives to compete against the pledges. We were also serving food at the barbecue pit so that was really nice. The event showed me what the members of the Fraternity were like and how it was like to casually have lunch together and hang out. I really enjoyed the brotherhood aspect of it! Also, I remember how during olympic, the actives would sabotage the pledges to win more event like throwing water balloons at me during a tug-a-war event. I also remember a alumni, Mike Milazzo, pouring a bucket of water  at one of my pledge brothers. My pledge brother and I got Mike Milazzo back with a bucket of his own. The event was really outgoing and showed us how the actives really were. They work hard but play hard! We had a lot of fun that day from competitions to friendly pranks and just a great brotherhood bonding.