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More than 700 million people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water. Diseases from unsafe water and lack of sanitation take more lives than all forms of violence every year, including war. Dirty water not only affects sanitation and health, but also many aspects of life like gender equality, food supply, and business.

charity: ball at Cal Poly aims to raise awareness for the water crises in developing countries. Join us for a fun-filled night of dancing, awareness and service to our global neighbors. Get your tickets starting January 5, 2015.

LEARN: Take part in the Waterwalk to experience what it’s like for thousands of women and children in Sub-Saharan Africa to collect water for their families. For every person that walks with the 40-pound Jerry Can(s), a sponsor will donate money toward the campaign.

HELP: 100% of your entry ticket will directly help bring clean water to people in need. Join our effort to fund a water project.

HAVE FUN: Feel like a celebrity with your friends by walking up the red carpet, stopping to take pictures at the photo booth, and interacting with the awareness gallery all while sipping on delicious mocktails. End the night on the dancefloor with music playing from a live DJ.

Goal: $7,500, Current: $100                                  Created by Cindy Leong

Goal: $7,500, Current: $100                                 Created by Cindy Leong

100% of your donations will go straight to charity: water, meaning every dollar you donate will help fund a water project.

charity: water prides itself in its bold statement that all public donations will fund water projects. Overhead costs are met through other ways including private sponsors and donations.

This year we are setting a high bar and aiming to raise $7,500, enough money to help more than 200 people have access to safe water.