Pledge Class: Alpha Iota

Year of Graduation: Winter 2017

Major: Business Administration 

What do you hope to do when you graduate from Cal Poly?
I hope to get a career that I am very passionate all the while being able to support my parents financially. I also hope to stay in touch with the friends and brothers I've met along the way.

What did you end up doing last summer?
I gave myself the opportunity of relaxing the last summer. I worked at my old job and spent quality time with  friends and family who I hadn't been able to see for a very long time.

What is a long term goal that you hope to eventually accomplish one day?
I want to save up money so that I have enough financial stability to support myself and buy a house for my parents.

How has AKPsi shaped your career?
There are a lot of brothers with different careers and different passions. I've learned that I am not limited to one single thing. If I want to experiment, I can. The motivation and passion I see in my brothers for their futures ignites my own passion. They've taught me a lot about life in general. 

What is your favorite memory of AKPsi?
During pledging, there was a big bro social at the beach. We had a bonfire and a lot of the brothers as well as my pledge brothers come out.  We all just had a lot of fun playing games and laughing- It was a clear night and when I look back to that night, all I remember is having a blast and bonding with the brothers.