James Burleson

James Burleson currently serves as the faculty advisor to the Pi Rho chapter.

Jim is an Assistant Professor of Management in the Orfalea College of Business at California Polytechnic State University. He recently joined the faculty at Cal Poly, having spent the past four years in the doctoral program in Management Information Systems at Clemson University.

Mr. Burleson spent over two years as an IT consultant, working as a business analyst on projects for a number of Fortune 500 companies.  He helped oversee the analysis and design of a $20 million software development project for the City of Houston, among many other projects.

In addition to his consulting experience, Jim brings to Cal Poly a wealth of research knowledge on the use of social media in organizations.  He has worked in lab settings to investigate how companies can utilize social information to better their bottom lines.  During his time at Clemson, Jim worked with professors and undergraduate students to provide live election coverage for a local television network, specifically detailing the social trends on election day.

Mr. Burleson’s research interests extend beyond social media, as he is most interested in how new methods of information exchange are changing the business world.  As we are in the midst of the Information Age, Jim’s research will coincide with a renewed emphasis in businesses on the need to understand our new reality.

Ronda Beaman

Dr. Ronda Beaman is Chief Creative Officer at PEAK Learning. She is a Clinical Professor at The Graduate School of Business, California Polytechnic University. Additionally, Dr. Beaman serves on the Board of Directors for the National Pay It Forward Foundation. 

Dr. Beaman is an internationally recognized expert on leadership, resilience, fitness, education, and life coaching. She has conducted research in a host of areas, written many academic articles and books, and won numerous awards. She was selected by the Singapore Ministry of the Family as their honored speaker of the year and named the first recipient of the National Education Association’s “Excellence in the Academy: Art of Teaching” award. She has been selected as a faculty resource at the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) university in Argentina, Kyoto and India, where she received the highest speaker ratings among 36 elite faculty. She has been featured on major media including CBS and Fox Television, USA Today, and is a national thought leader for American Health Network. 

Dr. Beaman earned her doctorate in leadership at Arizona State University. She is also a certified executive coach and personal trainer with credentials from the Aerobic Research Center. Her family was named “America’s Most Creative Family” by USA Today. 


James Valdez

James Valdez has had over 30 years of executive business management experience. Jim started his career in the oil industry. Jim progressed from a Regional Manager with Ethyl Corporation’s Petroleum Chemicals Division to Director of the Product Engineering Division for The Pennzoil Company. His Product Engineering Division was responsible for the successful introduction of Pennzoil’s first synthetic lubricant, among dozens of other new product introductions. After leaving Pennzoil, Jim joined Castrol as Director of Sales and Marketing for their Specialty Synthetics Division.

In 1993, Jim became the Chief Operating Officer of CSF, Inc., an automotive parts manufacturer with plants in Asia and global marketing. In that position, Jim built the company to four times its original size in 7 years, retiring in 2000. He has, also, been a Board (Committee) Member for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. He has been affiliated with the Society of Automotive Engineers, the American Petroleum Institute and the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (formerly NAIT) for which he is a Certified Technology Manager (CTM). Jim is, also, an Independent Financial Consultant (Registered Principal), in San Luis Obispo, California. He is Chairman of the Board of Invental Laboratory, Inc., a company which specializes in bringing new and innovative products to market. Jim was a Major in the US Army.