Big or small, every gift has an impact on our fraternity.  Here's how your donation can help:

  • Increase Programming & Leadership Opportunities – Your donation gives members the opportunity to plan events and programs that wouldn't be financially possible.  From hosting a fundraising gala to give countries access to clean water, to coordinating  professional development retreats, giving to Pi Rho gifts our brothers with endless possibilities for leadership growth.
  • Further the Success of our Members –  You can help reduce the cost of attending Alpha Kappa Psi's state and national leadership conferences, and give us the opportunity to offer merit based scholarships to our brothers. Your gift provides access to the Pi Rho experience for all of our members, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Build Our Presence & Family – Giving to Pi Rho means being a part of our family, whether or not you were once a member of the chapter.  Your donation not only helps to build our presence in the community, but helps strengthen our relationship with friends and family of the fraternity.

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Read Our Stories

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MAIREAD BLAES: inspiring future engineers

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MAY OO: giving back to family

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JORDAN WILLIS: becoming the best you can be

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ANDREW BUI: turning presidency into passion

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HIRO FUJITA: becoming a world traveler

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MELISA HUYNH: tying it back to business

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EMILY WONG: living a balanced life

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JACK WANG: cultivating ambition

CALDER HUSBY  : forming lasting connections

CALDER HUSBY: forming lasting connections

JONNY MOLINA  : leaving a permanent legacy

JONNY MOLINA: leaving a permanent legacy


Where You Can Give

While you may give a general donation that will help aid the chapter as a whole, you also have the option for your donation to benefit a specific programming area of Alpha Kappa Psi.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 4.08.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 4.05.24 PM.png


Expand our breadth and depth to which we can help serve the Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo community.

Travel Expenses

Give more of our members the opportunity to attend Alpha Kappa Psi's regional and national leadership conferences.


Donate the gift that gives back: help offset the cost of higher education to a deserving member of our fraternity.

Professional Development

Strengthen our programming and events that help grow our brothers' professional skills.

Giving Tiers


honorary recognition + platinum, gold, & navy level gifts

alpha kappa psi performance polo + platinum, gold, & navy level gifts


recognition button + framed gift + gold & navy level gifts

alpha kappa psi gift frame + gold & navy level gifts


alpha kappa psi travel thermos + navy level gifts


alpha kappa psi key chain + personalized thank you card

personalized thank you card



Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I donate?
Alpha Kappa Psi offers brothers superior development, professional, and leadership opportunities that give them an advantage in the real world.  The accomplishments of our brothers are a clear example-  our members have superior interpersonal skills and are afforded more prestigious job opportunities over the normal Cal Poly student due to the real world business experiences they learn from the fraternity.

Advancement is a crucial part of our organization, and with the generous support of our donors we are able to keep membership dues to a minimum while offering the fullest, most enriching experience possible out of an organization.  

What platform do you use for online donations?

Our donations are handled through Stripe, a company that specializes in handling online payments in partnership with Squarespace.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Please note that contributions or gifts to the Pi Rho Chapter itself are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.  However, they may be deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Only donations made to the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation, which is a designated 501(c)(3) that supports fraternity wide scholarships and academic programs nationwide, are tax deductible.

Do you only accept monetary donations?
The Pi Rho Chapter gladly accepts any form of support from generous friends and family of the fraternity.  This can range from physical assets such as apparel and supplies to food gifts for our events.  

Can I make donations by mail?
If you would like to make a donation to our chapter, please mail a check (written out to Alpha Kappa Psi), cash, or money order to our mailbox at:

Alpha Kappa Psi - Pi Rho Chapter 
1 Grand Avenue
University Union, Bldg 65, Mailbox 388
San Luis Obispo, CA, 93405

Where does my money go to?
As a donor you have the option to specify what 100% of your gift to the Pi Rho chapter will be used for.  You also have the option to leave no specific designation for your donation, in which case the funds will be used to help support our day to day operations and event programming for our members.  

How do I learn more about the fraternity?

All you have to do is look around our chapter website!  You may also browse the national Alpha Kappa Psi Website for more information.  More information about the activities we do as an organization can be seen in our 2014-2015 Annual Report

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Director of Advancement.



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