What is rush?
Rush is a week long series of events showcasing all that Alpha Kappa Psi has to offer- it is an opportunity for potential members to see if the fraternity is a right fit for them, and also allows current brothers to get to know interested candidates.

Who is eligible to rush? 
Alpha Kappa Psi welcomes both male and females enrolled at Cal Poly from all academic departments.  We do not hold a bias against a specific major or demographic - we recognize and value the importance of diversity and encourage students from all areas to rush.

Why should I rush Alpha Kappa Psi? 
Alpha Kappa Psi is the premier business fraternity in the world-  members in our organization have the opportunity to network with over 200,000 alumni all over the world working in all types of industries.  We are a brotherhood of leaders who are looking to make a difference in the world, and Alpha Kappa Psi offers the opportunity to grow and develop as an individual.  Being a part of the Pi Rho chapter offers invaluable leadership experience that sticks with you long after you leave Cal Poly.  Members from our chapter have gone on to work at Fortune 500 companies, teach English in Africa, to working for the fraternity on a national level!

How will I know when I get a bid?  
Once you have attended our recruitment week, you are eligible to sign up for an interview (don't panic!) with our brothers.  After your interview, we will decide whether you will be able to succeed and further yourself in the fraternity.  If you are considered to be an individual meeting the criteria, you will be contacted via e-mail with further instructions.

Why would I rush AKPsi over a social fraternity or sorority? 
You are allowed to be a member of both a social fraternity/sorority and Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Kappa Psi is America’s first business fraternity. We hold social and professional events to assist our brothers in their future business aspirations. Not only will you join a life long brotherhood, but you will simultaneously be joining a network of future business partners.

How much of a commitment is pledging? 
The pledge process is compared to a 4 unit class or an internship. You will be expected to attend one weekly meeting on top of additional events that occur on both weekends and weekdays.  Pledging can be compared to training for an actual company- you will learn and develop public speaking, interview, leadership, and team building skills.

More questions?  Contact our VP of Membership