Pledge Class: Alpha Iota

Year of Graduation: Spring 2016

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems

What do you hope to do when you graduate from Cal Poly?
I hope to either travel or intern abroad somewhere in Europe or Hong Kong before I begin my career to explore and experience different perspectives of the world. Ideally, this would spur both personal and professional growth

What did you end up doing last summer?
I spent most of my time with family, and I took summer courses at my local community college to keep on track for graduating early. After the summer session ended, I hiked Mount Whitney (and was able to reach the summit!). I was also given the opportunity to attend several Big 4 leadership conferences where I met amazing new friends and inspirational business leaders.

What is a long term goal that you hope to eventually accomplish one day?
A continuous and long term goal of mine is to balance to the best of my ability my work life and family life. I want to give back to my mother who raised me as a single mom, and I want to be as present in my children's lives as possible while successfully fulfilling my vocational passion as a strong businesswoman.

How has AKPsi shaped your career?
AKPsi has jump started my career in so many ways. I now have connections to many people in different fields of business who are genuinely interested in my professional development. Brothers have supported me through case competitions as well as recruitment processes, leading to an incredible opportunity to intern for Deloitte Consulting.

What is your favorite memory of AKPsi?
My favorite memory of AKPsi would have to be moments shared with brothers at our regional conference PBLI in Reno. The 6 hour car-ride was anything but boring. We made lots of inside jokes and shared personal stories and the car-ride seemed much shorter than it actually was. I met some great brothers from different chapters, and the 3am hallway talks were the icing on the cake. As a newly initiated brother at that time, this experience was an extraordinary beginning to my journey in AKPsi.